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Dec 17, 2012 6:00pm EST
and a culture of violence in america. >> we've all got to be angry. this is not us and them, us against the nra or us against the entertainment industry. this is all of us. >> this has changed and it should move beyond dialogue. we need answers. >> reporter: newtown united is calling for better gun control. it plans to send a delegation to washington on tuesday. >> we have the benefit and the miss fortune of being on -- misfortune of being on the national stage right now. this is a real opportunity for us to make a statement. >> reporter: schools will reopen tuesday but sandy hook elementary will be closed till further notice. >> one of the victims in the newtown shooting spree has a daughter that attends georgetown university. katie sherlach is a ph.d. candidate in chemistry. her mom was the school psychologist at sandy hook elementary and one of the heroes who tried to stop the gunman. they have lunched a fund raising campaign with the goal of collecting at least $5,000 for the sherlach family. >>> advocates for gun control are hoping that the actions of newtown is enough to spark debate. >>
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm EST
championship begins to sink in. >>> but first, the u.s. is apparently going over the fiscal cliff. in just six hours across the board spending cuts and automatic tax hikes for all americans will kick in. lawmakers say they're close to an agreement. there are still some major sticking points. randall pinkston has the very latest. >> reporter: the gnat is close to a daily as the clock ticks toward mid nature and the nation teethers on the edge of the so-called fiscal cliff. >> let's pass the tax relief portion now. let's take what's been agreed to and get moving. >> reporter: the tentative deal would extend bush era tax cuts for families making $450,000 a year and individuals making 40 o,000. it would also extend unemployment benefits for one year. president obama said he would have preferred a grand bargain that solves all of washington's revenue and spending problems. >> with this congress, that was obviously a little too much to hope for at this time. it may be we can do it in stages. >> reporter: negotiations have been going on all day, lawmakers and aids moving back and forth between meetin
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
to dash to take a moment -- to take a moment to address your concerns tonight. we're going to stop using generic footage. but if there's a specific reason you may see them on the air or web page again. we hear your concerns about interviews with children from sandy hook. from this point forward we will review any such interviews and video that come into the newsroom on a case by case basis. if a family invites the media into the funeral we want to share with you as we try to celebrate the lives lost. we want the keep you informed about the investigation and the healing in newtown without sensationalism in and sensitivity. please continue to share your feedback on our coverage via twitter, facebook and as the nation tries to move forward and prevent mass tragedies and such senseless violence in the futu. >>> well, tonight we are less than two weeks before the country will hit the command tour budget cuts and the tax hikes known as the fiscal cliff. and today house speaker john boehner started working on what he's calling plan b. just in case there's no deal in the next 14 s day
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
cliff could pull us all back into recession. congress impressional democrats attended a new year's eve style rally saying the fiscal cliff ball is in the republican court. surae chinn is on capitol hill. >> i'm urging congress to take action, stop playing games, and let's move on. >> reporter: frustration has boiled over for bob packer, a small business owner. >> i'm disappointed and angry. if they were my representeddives, i'd certainly vote them out of office. >> on tie mitchell of brokering a deal is waning. >> we do have a chance, an outside chance to get this done. >> we need two words. presidential leadership, on not just taxing rich people. >> reporter: some democratic lawmakers are calling on the house speaker to call house republicans back to work. >> bring the house back now. show up to work. >> reporter: the speaker has ordered republicans back on sunday but democrats want them to return sooner. both sides are blaming each other for the lack of compromise. democrats say house speaker is boehner is holding all the cards. >> the speaker of the house has got to allow a vote. he
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
joinsous live from near the scene with -- joins us live from near the scene with the details. >> reporter: i'm standing now in a neighborhood many residents describe as safe. it happened just after midnight when 14-year-old elizer reyes was walking down the street near his house with two other people. a car drove up and shots were fired hitting the 14-year-old reyes and one of the people he was with. the 14-year-old was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. the other victim is in stable condition. it was a gang-related shooting and the victims were apparently targeted. i spoke earlier today with a woman who saw reyes literally dying in the street. what did you think when you saw what you saw last night? >> it breaks my heart to see violence like that because it's a shame that people shouldn't be that way towards other people. we're all the same at end of the day. >> reporter: should you have any information about the person or people responsible for this shooting, you're asked to call crime stoppers at 1-866- 411-tips. >> hopefully they get some information. >>> another homicide ca
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
taxes which fuel the county's economy will decline. >> we want bailed approach to help us get out of this -- a balanced approach to help us get out of this, but it will have a significant impact on fairfax county if congress does nothing. >> didn't know dulles airport was such a big deal and remember, the biggest expenditure for fairfax and other counties around here, the school budget. less money for the county, less money for schools. >>> as part of our continuing effort to hold elected officials accountable for what does or does not happen before the january 1st deadline, we're inviting our local lawmakers to be live with us on the air. tonight at 7:00 i'll be joined by maryland senator ben cardin and monday at 5:00 virginia senator elect tim kaine will be right here. 9 news is making it easy for you to put the pressure on our local officials. go too our website, click on the fiscal cliff note and write a letter to your representative or senator and tell them get this thing done. >>> a tea party leaving the party to become president of the heritage foundation. senator demint s
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6